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Mysellbot Shopee Tool

Unlock the full potential of your Shopee Digital Product sales with our powerful and flexible automation tool. Our solution will skyrocket your sales by streamlining the entire process, from order completion to shipping. Our tool is designed to provide a fast and easy self-service option for customers, available 24/7. As a seller, you’ll enjoy an effortless management experience with reduced risk of cancellations. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to increased sales with our automated solution

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We’ve using BigSeller platform because it makes it simpler to manage all of the seller’s businesses at once.

Fast Intgration

Streamlined Setup In total, it will take about 2 minutes to set up, excluding the seller’s procedures.

Save Your Time

The entire order receipt process takes less than a minute, saving you valuable time and the time of your customers.

Easy Setup MySellBot shopee Tool

the integration can be done in 15 Minutes

We welcome you to join our platform as a Vendor user. The enrollment process is quick and easy. you will place an order in shopee Malaysia for the Join product using the Voucher GHAZJOIN, after completing the purchase the subscription for free with 100 free Orders. Simply click the button below to get started!

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Get a free trial for basic plan when you sign up for Seller Account

No credit card required. Order by shopee


Starter Package

Rm 5

0.05 Cent per order

100 Orders


Growth Package

Rm 11.25

0.045 Cent per order

250 Orders


Professional Package

Rm 20

0.04 Cent per order

500 Orders


Elite Package

Rm 35

0.035 Cent per order

1000 Orders


Custom Solution


Cent per order

???? Orders

Note: Only registered Sellers should make orders for plans.

How Suppliers Join

How Customers Redeem

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