SKU Setup for Product Integration

Overview: The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) setup is a critical aspect of product integration, ensuring seamless synchronization between MySellbot Vendor Dashboard and Shopee. This process encompasses two key locations, each with specific options to tailor your product integration.


Step 1 – MySellbot Vendor Dashboard: Upon creating a product in MySellbot Vendor Dashboard, a unique SKU will be automatically generated. You can find this SKU listed in the product menu.

Step 2 – Shopee Integration: To connect your MySellbot product to Shopee effectively, follow these options in Shopee’s product settings:

Option 1 – SKU for Multi-Variations: If your product has multiple variations (e.g., different games, durations), it’s essential to assign a distinct SKU to each variation. This SKU acts as a bridge between MySellbot and Shopee, ensuring accurate matching of product variations.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Assign a unique SKU to each variation in Shopee.
  2. Create corresponding products in MySellbot, each aligned with the SKU assigned to its variation in Shopee.

By following this approach, you maintain precise control over how your product variations are represented and managed in both systems.

Option 2 – Parent SKU: The Parent SKU option is useful when your Shopee product has only one selectable item, without multiple variations.

Here’s how to utilize this option:

  1. Assign a Parent SKU to your product in Shopee.
  2. In MySellbot, link your product to the Parent SKU assigned in Shopee.

Important Note: It’s crucial to avoid using both Option 1 (Multi-Variations) and Option 2 (Parent SKU) simultaneously for the same product. This can lead to compatibility issues with our integration tool.

This feature offers a comprehensive approach to SKU setup, ensuring that your products are seamlessly integrated between MySellbot and Shopee, regardless of their complexity or variations.